SQL Server Tools by Red Gate

SQL Toolbelt
14 essential tools for SQL Server developers and DBAs

SQL Developer Bundle
10 essential tools every database developer needs

SQL Comparison Bundle
5 simple tools for comparing and deploying database changes

SQL Prompt Bundle
5 high-speed tools to increase workrate


SQL Compare
Compares and synchronizes SQL Server database schemas

SQL Data Compare
Compares and synchronizes SQL Server database contents

SQL Source Control
Connect your existing source control system to SQL Server

SQL Prompt
Write, edit, and explore SQL effortlessly

Document SQL Server databases

SQL Data Generator
Test data generator for SQL Server databases

SQL Dependency Tracker
Visualizes SQL Server object dependencies

SQL Packager
Packages a database for deployment or update

SQL Comparison SDK
Automates comparison and synchronization tasks

SQL Safari
The 20 best SQL Server books at Safari Books Online

Search within SQL Server database schemas

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